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    Mouse in The House

    Comment March 23, 2017

    Skateboarding is an art.  On top of the act itself, there are many other cultural aspects in skateboarding that embody art.  And if you’re gifted enough, you can turn your artistic talent into a career.  I’m sure you’re aware, but just in case you’ve been riding the short bus, skateboarding has a mouse in the […]

  • tadaaa

    Roach Clip

    Comment March 21, 2017

    You know what totally sucks?  Getting to the end of a joint and burning the shit out of your fingers.  And so the roach clip was invented by Sir Johnathon Roach – a true genius.  We thank you Sir Roach in your mastery of weed Macgyverness.  And you know what sucks even more than burning […]

  • dunk-thumb

    Dunked On

    Comment March 16, 2017

    So many good things are affiliated with the word “dunk”.  Slam dunk, Dunkin Donuts, dunk tank, Oreo dunking, and finally our favorite – the Nike SB dunk.  Not gonna lie though, dunking Oreo’s is a close second place and is right on the heels of the Dunk SB.  God damn Oreo’s dunked in milk are […]

  • IMG_1889


    Comment March 14, 2017

    Check out this sexy package we just received from Bronson.  Shieldless bearings, or as we call them, naked.  These bearings are especially promiscuous and they don’t discriminate against their riders – they come with deep groove channels (balls roll deep in channels to reduce damage) and balls out technology (which eliminates shield and cage contact […]

  • IMG_1896

    Cloning Around

    Comment March 8, 2017

    Imagine if you took DNA from Chris Joslin, Ryan Sheckler and Matt Berger and then created a skateboarding clone with their genetics.  We know that’s fucking weird, but that clone would shut down every street spot conceivable.  This is basically what Etnies has done (but in a shoe form) with their latest kicks the “Helix”.  […]

  • rvca-spring-17

    Curren Events

    Comment March 2, 2017

    Our definition of Curren Events is as follows – (Noun) present-time news concerning Curren Caples, the places he’s going, the things he’s doing, and the ideas he has.  In this latest update of Curren Events we report on his RVCA collection.  It comes with a little bit of everything – hats, socks, shirts, trunks, pants and […]