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  • IMG_2198

    back from then

    Comment July 27, 2017

    Back in the early 90’s there was one dude that just about every skater in town was trying to be like. That skater was the legend Matt Hensley, his skating was on another level and he always had the best kits. Matt was so influential that everybody in 1992 were running chain wallets – before […]

  • justwheels


    Comment July 25, 2017

    God Daan!  Spitfire just dropped Daan Van Der Linden’s first pro model wheels and they’re coming in hot.  With a circus sideshow themed graphic on them (because let’s face it, he’s a freak of nature on his board).  They come in two different sizes – 52mm and 53mm (F4 urethane, 99d, slim shape).  Step right […]

  • IMG_2912

    Dope Distro House

    Comment July 20, 2017

    The legendary island civilization of Atlantis was a great naval power in the ancient world. Unfortunately, the utopian island kingdom mysteriously disappeared into the sea over the course of a single day. Over the centuries, countless writers, historians, scientists and explorers have debated whether Atlantis really existed, and – if it did exist – where […]

  • IMG_3440


    Comment July 18, 2017

    Initially, when you hear the word “stain”, a negative thought comes to mind. The dreaded coffee stain on a fresh white tee. A tomato Soup stain on your mom’s couch. Or our favorite, a shit stain on a pair of old boxers… that you still wear. Come on dude, Walmart is right down the street, […]

  • IMG_3428

    Pushing Weight

    Comment July 13, 2017

    Deathwish just added heavy hitter Jamie Foy to their pro lineup.  And now that he’s entered the pro ranks, we’re trying to add some dough to his dough if you catch our drift.  He even has a crowd funding site set up through to help line his pockets.  In all seriousness, Jamie’s the man and we […]

  • IMG_2704

    Pussy Focused

    Comment July 11, 2017

    Come here kitty kitty.  We want to touch you, and please you, and feed you.  We love you pussy, more than you could ever know.  We need you pussy, you make us so happy.  We want more of you pussy; how can we make this happen!?  Well, we want to thank our friends at RIPNDIP […]