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Dunked On

So many good things are affiliated with the word “dunk”.  Slam dunk, Dunkin Donuts, dunk tank, Oreo dunking, and finally our favorite – the Nike SB dunk.  Not gonna lie though, dunking Oreo’s is a close second place and is right on the heels of the Dunk SB.  God damn Oreo’s dunked in milk are good… sooo good.  Okay, let’s get back on track here.  A few weeks back Nike released these crispy Ishod Wair Dunk Lows.  This colorway is inspired by Ishod’s collection of classic European sports cars.  On top of their clean, sporty look, this dunk also provides responsive cushioning and powerful grip.  Iconic shoes with an iconic skater, yes please, now please pass the milk.


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