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Roach Clip

You know what totally sucks?  Getting to the end of a joint and burning the shit out of your fingers.  And so the roach clip was invented by Sir Johnathon Roach – a true genius.  We thank you Sir Roach in your mastery of weed Macgyverness.  And you know what sucks even more than burning your fingers from a J?  Having your expensive camera lens smashed by a homie.  You know the homie, the one that keeps saying “one more try”.   We all know he’s lying, and in this lie he proceeds to lose control of his board and smash your lens.  Sick bro, thanks.  And so the Tadashi filter was invented by another genius – Tadashi Yamaoda.  Check out his latest camera filter – the Neutral Density Fisheye Filter.   On top of protecting your lens from your out of control homies, it also reduces the amount of light entering the lens.  Allowing for slower shutter speeds for motion blur and larger apertures for controlling depth of field.  If you do skate photography/filming you need one of these, so we’ll just do you a favor and pass the Tadashi filter to the left-hand side.


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