On Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 we held our annual 411vm reunion at the Berrics in Los Angeles, CA. As always, all those who had affiliations or knew someone who worked at 411vm attended. Of course, it’s much harder these days to link up like we all used to due to schedules, children, work, etc. However, the turnout is usually still pretty significant. I’m happy to see this thing grow and continue for its seventh year in a row.

This edit is filled with skateboarders ranging from those in their teens to some in their early 40’s. 411vm touched the hearts of many people and I’m super glad it continues to live on through this tradition. Till next year my friends. Happy 411!!!!

Ron Resurreccion

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Skaters in order of appearance:

Ira Ingram
Josh Friedberg
Pat Channita
Ritchie Valdez
Brian Hoard
Rob Brink
Ron Resurreccion
Kevin Strick
Jonathan Marino
Chad Fernandez
Jason Webber
Jeremy Wray
Jacob Ortiz
Linc Barton
Nate Klein
Gavin Dipietrantonio
Zak Danielson
Weston Correa
Dan Lieber
Ryan Brandt


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