• HRC

    Really really disturbing to listen yelling like that.” Apologise to him. You try to hurt him.” Grow up! People protect what they have. Are you doing it when you yell to that guy? Protect something. Right? And what’s the rule number one? Don’t do the first push…..

    I don’t even know who that annoying kid was but he was as fucked up and as hater as that guy he yell at. Both must have small sex organ or something from childhood that makes them so insecure. It’s not big suprise that U.S. have all kind of racial issues. Because of that kind of actions. . . heh. Tough guys. .

    Don’t know why I even care about those kind of people. They will have some mental problems in they life if they don’t get along whit people or they get along only whit some special reason. For example. Immigrants are with immigrants. White people are with white people and so on.

    At the end apologise my english writing. Have good day!

    • Jeffrey Angel

      damn cuh u in yo feelings

    • Jeffrey Angel

      get outta them