During 2017 I filmed a lot (like.. a lot!) with my good friend Eduard Danilovici and it feels like we’re just warming up and getting into it. With a bunch of clips stacked, we actually put up another video after summer and we still had like 2 to 3 minutes worth of footy.

So we filmed some more and decided to make a proper video part by the end of the year. With a little help from Nicolae Anghel with some older footage from Barcelona and across Romania and 2 more clips from Mateffy Istvan and Patrik Wallner, we found ourselves sitting on a good 6 minute vid.

Honestly, there would’ve been even more, actually, but I got hurt pretty bad in November and ended up on the bench for 3 months. So this is it! I hope y’all like it and subscribe to my channel. I’ll try to start posting on youtube this year. Happy new year and a big big thanks to everybody who supported me!

-Mihnea Groseanu Official


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