Here it is, the video everyone been waiting for. This was a very sensitive subject for me to re-bring up, it was very emotional and almost depressing for me to speak about, but I think it’s time for me to address it to the public now that my case is almost done and my justice is around the corner. Back in 2015, I was accused of sexually exploiting a 12-year-old girl, it was then when I stopped using social media and went into almost a depression case I had just also lost my father a few months before these accusations. Today i want people to know the true side and what was wrongfully done by my manager, because of him being a bad role model in my life and getting involved with an underage girl, i lost everything because the bad decisions he made, this leads all the way up to even recent with storm and stormland , because of bad decisions he choose to make i paid the major price. My case was illegally brought to every media outlet in america and around the world, shaming me and making me seem like a monster, I was 15 yo but they painted me out to be a predator because of the adults that managed and controlled me, because there mistakes, i would never in my life think of harming any of my fans, i love every single one of you who supported me through these alligations and i know i will get through this and grow stronger we will grow stronger, i hope everyone likes and shares this video, id like to thank everyone involved in helping me tell my story. – Steven Fernandez
Director: Steven Fernandez @imlilcloud Aramis Duran @aramisduran_

Editor: Dylan Odonovan @_dylanodonovan_

Sound: Shawn Sosa @iamshawnsosa

Interviewer: David Ihezie @imoneyentertainment

Colorist: Johnny Gonzalez @johnny2y4m


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