after a long journey of riding the danger plank the gang came together and played hard, then after that journey the hard drive fried wickedly, leaving mankind hopeless of witnessing our magic. One year later the hard drive was recovered and the video was created leading the planet back into its peacefully chaotic state.
John Ballard, Dustyn Tisdel, Alex Gardner, Harley Dunton (Huffy), Chad Speakes, Zach Uruchurtu (oody), Kenny Anderson,
Zac Redenius, Earon Gross, Caleb Colson, James Lawrence, Raleigh Harris, Jeshuah Dutter, Andrew Garcia, Christain Foster, Joseph Jimicum, Alex Jeffries, Reed Jensen, Tyler Hughes,
Dakota Jacobs, Derek Cloer, Julian Sikora, Caleb Sieverson,
Ben Corey, Zac Garza, Jared Evans, Jake White, Preston Weaver,
Sam Nelson, Jimmy Humphreys, Andrew Hoang, Tommy Pham, Terrance Patterson, Nick Ronhaar, Tj Lewis, Cory Mccowan,
Zach Speakes. Love all you dirty street rats!
Filmed By:
Dan Donnelson
Chad Speakes
Kenny Anderson
Jeshuah Dutter

Edited by: Dan Donnelson