“TIME FOR SOME ACTION” it’s an Independent street skateboarding video, filmed in Barcelona, Madrid and Basque Country street spots, by the filmer Jokin Abalia Díez, it´s starring by ledge wizard Rubén Cajaraville from Galicia, by speedy Pedro Sánchez from Murcia, also starring Brasilian Lindolfo Oliveira, the technician Cristian Vannella from Barcelona, Swedish long legs Casper Söderström, hard grind combo man from France, Max Delangue and many more of diferent kind of streets skaters. Clean skateboarding in a fast edit with sick underground rap music.

Filmed and Edited: Jokin Abalia Díez (@abaliadiezzz)

Pedro Sanchéz
Rubén Cajaraville
Lindolfo Oliveira
Cristian Vannella
Max Delangue
Casper Söderström
and many more…

Intro: Tragedy Khadafi – Heavy Weights
Pedro Sánchez: June Marx – Patriot Missiles
Chaos Basque Country: Snowgoons – Team Death Match
Chaos Madrid: Snowgoons – Killaz Supreme
Barcelona Chaos: June Marx – Legends Unfold
Macba Chaos: Lakey the Kid – Somebody Got Shot
Rubén Cajaraville: Snowgoons – 90’s are back
Credits: Royal Flush – MFM

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