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    Get Your Wade Up

    Comment October 31, 2017

    Time to get your wade up homie.  We’re not talking about lb’s of that good-good, we’re talking about these fly kicks from our peeps over at éS footwear.  This version is created by Wade Desarmo and are the ultimate Accel Slims to help you stack clips and chips – All. Day. Long.  They include gusseted […]



    Comment October 26, 2017

    We’re not bummed on these latest packs from BumbBag.  These are handy hands-free bags for any skateboarder on the move.  Handy hands-free – how’s that for a double entendre?  Our writing is really evolving over here at Hellaclips.  Enough about us, let’s get back to the meat and cheese of these delicious hot pockets.  BumBags […]


    Now That’s What We’re Hawking About

    Comment October 24, 2017

    The latest kicks from Lakai are a cocktail mix of all things loved here at Hellaclips – Riley Hawk, Indy Trucks and Lakai Footwear.  Tastes pretty damn good, right?  Just wait for the buzz to kick in… NOW that’s what we’re hawking about.  The Riley Hawk’s take inspiration from his two favorite Lakai shoes, the […]


    Poppin’ Off

    Comment October 20, 2017

    Nothing beats a cold soda on a hot day.  Fuck it, even on a chilly night, a cold soda still tastes good.  That sound and taste is unmatched.  The initial pop of the can, the hiss that follows, and oh yes, that delightful fizz on your tongue.  So, what do you get when you take […]


    Ya not Na

    Comment October 19, 2017

    There’s so many good things going on with this Diego Najera board.  First off, it’s from Primitive.  God damn this company is legit and the team is stacked.  Second, the graphic is created by the legendary Don Pendleton.  His artwork is timeless and will always belong on a skateboard.  Finally, the board is Diego Najera’s, […]

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    Splice Boys

    Comment October 17, 2017

    Have you heard the latest track from the Splice Boys?  Here’s a little taste… If you wanna skate with me You gotta skate with my friends (gotta skate with my friends). Make it last forever, Friendship never ends. If you wanna skate with me You have got to rip. Skating ain’t too easy, but that’s […]