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Alpha Boards

According to Harvard University, “Alpha boards” are defined as the highest tier and most dominant of all skate decks.  To reach this upper class a board must contain three characteristics.  One, the board must be backed by iconic and elite skateboarders.  In this case, and as you can see, these boards are backed by Danny Way, Colin Mckay and Pat Duffy.  Enough said.  Second, Alpha Boards must be created with superior construction.  Plan B has this angle covered and these decks are designed with ProSpec technology to bring skaters the strength and endurance needed in the streets.  Third, and most importantly for that matter, to truly be defined as an Alpha board, the art on the board must be created by Alphonzo Rawls.  Alf put his special creative touch on these boards with his unique portrait designs and inclusion of classic spots/tricks for each skater.  Alpha board, hence the name son.  Need we say more!?  Boom.